Solid relationships are based upon the truth. Whether it be business or personal, an employee or new friend, background checks can reveal critical information so that our clients can make the right decisions.

From pre-employment or business partner investigations, to personal relationships, our investigators are trained to find information that average researchers would not know how to find.


Our Capabilities

  • Pre Employement Investigations
  • Personal Safety Checks
  • School Records (Where available)
  • Criminal Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Death Records
  • Family History

Examples of Our Success:

  • A woman in a brand-new relationship contacted us about a man she had been dating for the last three weeks. She liked him well enough, but something bothered her and her intuition told her that something was wrong. According to her, the new love interest never spoke about his time after college, as he had not started with his company until several years later. While he stated that he was traveling, our client believed it was something else. A deep background investigation revealed that the man spent several years in federal prison for prescription drug sales. The woman while understandably upset, now had the information she needed to make the right decision.
  • A small business owner in Orange County was receiving applicants from a local job center, whom they had been told were "pre approved applicants". After several interviews, they were concerned by a large majority of the interviewees behavior. They decided that anyone they would hire from this "pre approved" pool needed another independent background check, for which Gold Spartan was retained. Two out of three of the applicants not only had extensive criminal records, but one was found to have filed a fraudulent lawsuit against his former employer. With this information, the client was able to prevent what would have been a very costly hire.

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Jack and his experienced team of investigators at Gold Spartan have helped us on a variety of claims cases, where we have had to locate witnesses and obtain evidence sometimes years after the incident. The evidence they provide is top-notch and has been the key difference in negotiation of settlements for our clients and outcomes in court. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
— Ronald S. - Attorney At Law

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