Asset investigations require that an investigator is competent in finding what is available on paper, and sometimes what is not...

From real estate and bank searches to business evaluations and undercover hard asset surveillance, our investigators are capable of discovering the most carefully hidden financials.


Our Capabilities

  • Asset Searches (Basic)
  • Business Investigations and Positions
  • Bank Account Searches (As Available)
  • Undercover Operations
  • Surveillance

Examples of Our Success:

  • A woman in the Orange County area was involved in a major dispute with a former business partner. The partner claimed that she did not have any money to assist with outstanding debts to their vendor for equipment. Gold Spartan was retained to conduct an asset investigation that included surveillance of a remote property where she was believed to have taken very expensive company equipment. Surveillance by Agents did uncover that the woman had several pieces of equipment that could be returned to the vendor, saving the client tens of thousands of dollars.
  • A Senior partner in a financial firm was involved in an ongoing dispute where a defendant had slipped and fell at a clients' major commercial property. Gold Spartan was retained for surveillance of the defendant, as he was believed to be lying about his injuries. Investigators were able to to initiate surveillance on foot and obtain video evidence of the defendant as he walked and took public transportation over several miles/stops without the use of his cane. The investigators remained undiscovered during the surveillance.

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Jack and his experienced team of investigators at Gold Spartan have helped us on a variety of claims cases, where we have had to locate witnesses and obtain evidence sometimes years after the incident. The evidence they provide is top-notch and has been the key difference in negotiation of settlements for our clients and outcomes in court. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
— Ronald S. - Attorney At Law

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